Flower Children

IAYO_Web-25Pictured left: Afternoon Flower Bearers Aoife Mulcahy and Laura Glynn.ย 

Aoife: “I had a fantastic day backstage meeting all the crew for the 20th Festival. It was a great honour to be picked for the job.”





IAYO_Web-78Pictured right: Evening Flower Bearers Ella and Euan Burke with backstge manager Alice Varley.ย 

Ella: “I loved walking on the stage to meet the conductors with the audience clapping. I was nervous the first time but after that I looked forward to doing my job.”

Euan: “It was great to see how it all worked from backstage compared to watching it from the audience and I got to meet really nice people. I thought it was so funny how busy it was backstage compared to when everyone got on stage looking calm and organised.

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